Auditing A CS:GO Betting Site for Provable Fairness

Provable fairness is one of the building blocks of modern online gambling. Many Bitcoin casinos have popped up that use “provably fair” number generation algorithms. These algorithms guarantee that the numbers generated have not been influenced by either party in a way that is favorable for them. For a more... [Read More]

Basics of Provable Fairness

This post is a basic primer on how provably fair betting websites and number generation algorithms work. It contains helpful background information for some of my future posts. [Read More]

Securing NGINX with CloudFlare

A determined hacker can expose the origin IP address of a website behind a reverse proxy service using many methods. One of the methods I have seen used against me is scanning the entire IPv4 address space and making an HTTP request to every IP address with the Host header... [Read More]

Amazon Echo Rooting: Part 1

Update: You can view Ike Clinton’s paper that is mentioned in this article here. It is the basis for most of this research so far. There is also a Slack channel and wiki about this subject. The PCBs I ordered came in but I haven’t had time to solder the... [Read More]
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